Our unswerving principle “Satisfying customers with high quality service s” covers the whole process of projects, including sales phase, contract execution and after sales service s.

We have professional team for service s, and have established one whole set of standardized and professional service system and standards. Starting from analyzing customer requirements and based on sharing values and joint targets, we have established close, cooperative and reciprocal relationships with customers.

In sales phase, we offer high quality materials solution schemes to customers t hr ough our professional technology and help customers to economize utilizing our abundant experience. It equips projects with high reliability and performance from primary stage, offers comparatively lower price, and save large amount of time for customers.

In the process of contract execution, CBH send engineers with abundant experience to explore on site , communicate sufficiently with customers , make plan for whole project, make arrangement for the site, evaluate on the designing details, provide technical instruction and training to construction personnel, and put system into good operation with abundant experience of commissioning and trial run. All of these guarantee the smooth progress of whole project.

In the phase of after sales service s, CBH customer service team resolves various doubts from clients, solves different problems of system in operation with professional knowledge and sufficient experience. Our team will communicate with customers timely, and instruct customers to make appropriate and necessary prepare for spare parts. CBH has huge amount of spare parts in storage and it will timely provide sufficient spare parts for all customers to meet the requirements from different projects.

What CBH pursues for is high quality and elaborate service s, and the success of customers is our success.


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Technical Service on Site

Technical Communication