We strictly accord with ISO9000 requirements, have established and are continuously optimizing our quality management system.

1.Our company has established the quality management system according to the requirements of GB/T19001:2000 and ISO9001:2000 quality management systems. We have identified our processes like designing, development, production and sales and confirmed the sequence and interaction of these processes. Besides, we have regulated each process, which is suited to our own quality management system according to standardized requirements.
2.In order to ensure our quality management system, effective operation and control of the application processes, we have written corresponding programs guided by corresponding operation guidance and specifications.

3.In order to support the effective operation of these processes and the supervision over these processes, we have been equipped with necessary human resources, facilities, funds and related information.

4.In order to measure, monitor and analyze the operation process of our quality management system, we have enforced necessary measures to realize the planned results of these processes and make continuous rectification.

5.Directed against any outsourcing, which may affect our product quality, we have not only made identification but also taken measures to provide strict control.