With the principle “To achieve customers' satisfaction with high quality service ”, we have been keeping close communication with customers for years, and clearly and deeply understood their process, business difficulties and requirements for continuous improvements. CBH customizes the system solution in accordance with customer requirements, and today we have become close partner of our customers. .

We devote ourselves to providing sustaining economic value. Therefore, we analyze customer needs and identify potential opportunity for saving with our professional technology and abundant experience, and provide instruction to them of applying our technology and experience to create positive influence on their performance indicators.

Base on the philosophy of sharing value and establishing common objectives, we build close and mutually beneficial cooperation relationship with our customers. Professional research and development team, excellent customer service, leading technology, and high quality product, all these factors guarantee our success. More than that, our personnel are dedicated their effort to continuous improvement in various fields, and the individual success pools CBH's success and the success of our customers.

CBH has insisted on the policy of “humanity” in management.. “Constantly making innovations and pursuing super-excellence ” is our power of inspiriting us to constantly improve and perfect ourselves.

Time of foundation : 18th May 1998
Personnel structure: 193 in total, among which, 105
Workshop           : Daxing district, Beijing , China
Area               : about 20000 m2

We have a strong and professional technical team which has been engaged and well experienced in materials handling for many years. We comprehensively and deeply mastered domestic and foreign materials handling technologies. We have sufficient experience in system sizing, designing, processing, manufacture, supply, commissioning and trial run. Combining domestic and foreign technologies, CBH has greatly improved materials handling technology applied for power plants. We are capable of making integrated designs for all kinds of materials handling systems in different domestic and foreign power stations, and providing them with advanced and high-quality handling systems, equipment, installation, commissioning and after-sales service s including providing "Turn-key" projects t hr ough EPC contractor. In fact, we have obtained many EP or EPC contracts of materials handling system for new and retrofit projects and been enriched with EP and EPC project experience.

Since the foundation of CBH, customers have come to relate CBH with excellent technology, products and service , and we have become the preferred supplier to provide high-quality materials solutions for power plants and the leader of providing materials solutions in Chinese power industry.

Founded in 1998 , Clyde Bergemann Huatong Materials Handling Company Limited (hereinafter known as CBH for short) is a Sino-British joint ventured enterprise and a member of CLYDE BERGEMANN POWER GROUP ( CBPG ).

Since 1970s, CBPG has entered into the field of materials handling. Before CBPG came into China and developed business in Chinese market in 1990s, it has achieved great success in Europe and America . In China CBPG recreated its success by establishing CBH with CPECC (the biggest Chinese power engineering consultancy institute). T hr ough the continuous development of CBH, the success has been further improved.

By the end of 2008, our systems serving in Chinese power plants has amounted to more than 600 sets, with the installed capacity exceeding 220,000 MW. More than that, we have set foot in the international market by achieving continuous success in many countries such as Indonesia , Vietnam , Turkey and India etc. In 2008, our sales revenue has exceeded RMB 400 million. We are the biggest supplier of Ash Handling System in China .